Tammy Safi, Astrologer in Sydney

13th November 2023

New Moon in Scorpio at 20 degrees AEST
This New Moon carries a ton of explosive strong feisty energy. It's almost scary. Nah, it is scary and I would be extremely careful leading into this time.

What makes it so is the Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon in Scorpio opposite thunderstruck, earth-moving Uranus. There is another in the picture who can't take things as they are anymore. Something has to give. They have reached their boiling point quite suddenly and quickly. So quickly no one will see it coming. It will be loud sudden and all over and done with quickly.

On a global level I have to admit this worries me some. As we can all see, things keep going as they are and it's just not doable. Yet again, this sudden change can be a good one.

On a personal level I would watch out for another person or ?? that may cause a huge upheaval in your life and leave you speechless. I would also check on your own feels and tempers. Try to avoid things brewing and festering so they don't reach that explosive point of no return. If things are out of sorts and you are not happy, choose the peaceful calm way. Talk or write it out or remove yourself - BOOM! Just like that.

24th June 2023 AEST

Mars - Trine - Chiron
Opportunity to ease the pain and begin healing The memories - The lessons - The pain/wound we endured. The way we mentor others through it, is our gift.

Chiron was discovered in 1977. From then Astrologers have included it in their charts. Also another debatable rock planet/asteroid. It's energy is that of strong, deep sensitive personal issues, that may have been inflicted on us from past lives, or my opinion early childhood. Childhood is such a sensitive time, children are innocent, so innocent, loving, happy individuals. They usually want to please and just enjoy life. Unless they have a chart heavy with more Scorpio/plutonic energy.

Let's think of children as sweet, loving, vulnerable little sponges, which I believe they truly are. Each generation has had to do it differently, and align with the times they grow up in, including any trauma. War in the 40s and then in many other countries wars continued through to the 80s. If there wasn't war in your country there was one in another. Most likely your parents and your grandparents were affected. Everyone from decades back till now is affected one way or another by these times.

The point I'm getting to, is our parents learned behaviours from their trauma, that affected us as kids. We likely didn't cope well, and then with our own kids as we struggled not to repeat their behaviour. Hopefully our own children were softer, kinder and more understanding to their children. And maybe in some homes, the cycle was broken, by the children of the 80s.

Back to the wounded child Chiron, who never really forgets that pain, and spends their life healing, helping those that they recognise have been through the same situation. That hurt our parents inflicted on us as children is universal. Everyone has it. Most cases were not intentional, it was just to toughen us up. Toughen us up so we wouldn't suffer in this cruel cruel world. I don't believe that this world is all that bad. However they did, they saw the world as cruel, evil and had hardship along the way. They believed to toughen a child up you had to be tough on them. They were being kind in their minds. Now I see the opposite happening.

It was different for each one of us and I would love to hear your Chiron story if you would like to share with us. This Mars in Leo, Chiron in Aries, has helped me write this. And this is how I am still in the process of healing from my own wound. Now I know why my memories keep flooding back the last day or so, bringing with it tears of how I have inflicted pain on my own. It's all a process, if you allow it to be, it will help.

29th July 2022 AEST

New Moon in Leo
This New Moon can be all about expression of the self. Leo energy revolves around uniqueness, our individual special traits, and putting it our there to be celebrated. This excites and makes Leo very happy, to not express can go inward and make us very unwell. It's a time to brave up show the world what we've got. It's very important to do it from the heart and be true and honest to the truth that is us. Avoid ill intentions, exaggeration or twisting things to make ones self look special. When done with good intentions it's a win-win. Jupiter is in Trine to the Moon and Sun in Leo, humongous potential here. Leo is heart energy, open your heart to the wonderful things to come.

11th May 2022

Jupiter goes into the sign of Aries AEST
A huge shift of energy to that of one that's positively courageous, adventurous and extremely outgoing. In a good way. People born with this placement will have those tendencies. Universally and depending where it hovers as a transit on your chart, you will feel it as the next 4 months it'll be in Aries. That can present as a deep inner need to take risks, try new things and expand your knowledge. 29th July 2022, Jupiter Stations and then will start to retrograde returning to Pisces on 29th October 2022 -21st December before returning to Aries once more. Yep, moving forward with great speed and enthusiasm only to halt, be cautious, question things, "shall I or shan't I", for a few months. It'll be very interesting to see how it pans out.

10th May 2022

Mercury in Gemini Stations today
Then retrograde for the next 3 weeks till the 4th June. Sit back and enjoy the ride. With Mercury in the quirky energetic trickster sign of Gemini, you may find things not working as they should. Websites, internet, phones and all electrical devices may play up. This can be a very frustrating time however if you just sit back and don't allow it to get to you, it will resolve itself all in good time. Take great care as this is an accident prone time, be very careful around the house and while driving. On a different note, I love Mercury retrograde times as they are a time to relax and ponder your next plans for the future. As long as you don't try and start anything new during these 3 weeks all should be good folks.

1st May 2022

Solar Eclipse in Taurus
We feel the Eclipses around 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after they happen. That is when their energies are in vibration with us. The best time to manifest is during pre and post the window frame of an Eclipse. This Taurus Solar Eclipse will be pretty close to Uranus so expect a sudden change on a universal level. Uranus doesn't do things gently, its usually quite big and sudden. Like a bolt of lightning. Reason being its got patience up till a certain extent, then bang it's had it, and it's out of here, so to speak.

This new Moon in Taurus - this Eclipse, will revolve around food. Uranus also in Taurus including the North Node, so it would be a great idea to expand your veggie garden, sustenance and our planet earth, us going back to basics and nature. That's the theme I'm feeling. With all good intentions in mind, now is a good time to focus on what your really want to bring to your life. With all good intentions, now is the time to manifest it. Put it out there by letting go of what no longer serves you and opening up to what you now need. This Eclipse will revolve around financial issues also, security and self value. Showing others appreciation and kindness is of utmost importance. We tend to take advantage of those close to us forgetting to thank them for all they do day in day out. It's a good time to show love and gratitude for those that are there for you. HAPPY SOLAR ECLIPSE EVERYONE

17th April 2022

Libra Full Moon AEST
This Libra full moon will be also making a T square to Pluto. I'll be taking that into account as this can truly shake things up for many. Pluto squaring both Moon and Sun at the same time can bring a sudden end or transformation in your life. Moon representing feelings, nurture, female figure or Mother. Change in the relationship between you and them. Perhaps a need to work on a change in the relationship. Also consider stop giving too much.

The Sun represents your joy and happy stance. What makes you get up every day and flutter through your day, doing the things you love. Making joy by talking with friends family, reading, cooking and all that jazz. When Pluto squares the Sun there can be an abrupt change to all that. Pluto can and will bring an ending, yet life is like that. We need to remember endings are what opens up opportunities for new beginnings and growth in each and every one of us.

Let's talk about the Libra full moon. Here love is in the air and it's about bringing in the balance of love to your life. It's about remembering what's true and dear to you. To work on and allow to flourish, something tangible and meaningful. To recognise what no longer works in your life cause now we need to bring a good balance back in. If someone/something has been draining us and taking too much of our energy, let it go. This is a great time to do it. You have the universe backing you. This a time of love and romance and we all love a good romance. It's about showing love and gratitude to others, giving a kind word and encouragement to those that are there for us. Don't forget to also surround yourself with the beautiful things you love. That too is nurturing for Full Moon in Libra.

3rd - 4th April 2022

Chiron - Mercury - Sun
Mercury in Aries is still moving quickly and will conjunct Chiron on the 3rd April then the Sun on the 4th April. Bringing up a whole lot of issues, hopefully dealing with them. Aries energy is act before thinking, do before getting emotionally invested as feelings are not an important part of Aries energy. We feel that always hinders us ...right? It's not like Aries do not feel, they do, but they need to act first then think, then shrug their shoulders and move on. Back to Mercury, Chiron, Sun in Aries energy, well that's powerfully invested in talking, reading about working through your pain (wounded healer of Chiron) to get to your joy - Sun. If that doesnt make sense think of it like this. It's a good time to see a healer to deal with past, painful, deep issues that need more work. There is always room for improving ourselves. Some of us can do this on our own by reading books, like the Four Agreements or The Mastery of Love. Others do by meditating or joining spiritual meditation groups. Whatever you do - do it.

24th March 2022

Mercury, Neptune in Pisces
With Mercury whizzing quite quicky at the moment. Today it makes a conjunct to Neptune in Pisces. Short, however strong if you let your guard down. Neptune and Mercury both in Pisces, we may hear news or transfer news that's not quiet as it seems - misunderstood or simply untrue. Perhaps telecommunications are also disrupted. Dreams are strong, always take note of that. So is communications with the other side. Good day for a seance Folks. Our psychic and instinctual powers will be on alert. Trust your gut feelings. If it don't feel right it ain't right. Soon we have a huge Neptune, Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. The last time Neptune and Jupiter were conjunct in Pisces was the 17th March, 1856. So it's gonna be massive. Also affecting our dreams and so much more. Mostly because their in their own traditional signs. WATCH THIS SPACE.

20th March 2022

Venus Square Uranus in Aquarius
The energy is strong revolving around something precious to you. Someone or something that brings you joy, lights up your eyes. Someone/thing that you love heaps! And a sudden shift with them. This is a short aspect but oh so powerful. The Uranus energy can be sudden, so sudden and explosive, we all need to think before we leap. No sudden moves that we may regret or can lead to a dangerous or regrettable situation. Unfortunately this also is on a universal level, we can expect a sudden unexpected happening of sorts. My advice, take the day slow and easy, careful with everything you do or act upon. Think think think before taking action in a situation that can possibly end in a nasty way.

18th March 2022

Full Moon in Virgo
This is a good energy to get oneself organised. We will be wanting to plan ahead, have things in place and know exactly what we are doing for the year ahead. We are already in March so we better get cracking. Perhaps organise in our minds those we want in our lives and those we do not. It's been a tough couple of years and many, if not all, have shown their true colours. Those that decided they don't want you in their lives or you them, then there are those who decided, 'hey we make a good team I want you in my clan'. Then those of us who have grown spiritually (which is a great many) have found that they're ok no matter what. Virgo tends to go inward and focus on its own needs and that's what many of us have done. We were sort of forced to. The universe works that way. During a Full Moon we are given this extra energy we can use to our benefit. Good time to start new projects as our energy is focused and strong. Go get em Folks (please remember to stay kind and loving)

13th March 2022

I love the planet Neptune
When you have strong intuition or vivid dreams and can pre empt, that's YOUR Neptune doing its stuff. All of us have Neptune somewhere in our charts. If you have it in your 6th house, there's a good chance your a great animal whisperer. You can tune into their needs and sort it our for them. Great for animal shelters, owners, and vets to have. If you would like to find out where your Planets and Signs, in which houses. If you want to know how they work for you, to make you as wonderful and unique as each and everyone of you are, you can always have a reading with me or just to see your chart go to Astrodienst website, and pull it up for free.

Today Sun, Neptune are conjunct in Pisces and this will make us pretty dreamy and find joy in things that are Neptunian. Things like films, going to the sea (Neptune), getting into an altered state, making out and so on. There's only one warning with this placement, people with not such good intentions can deceive others easily. So keep your eyes and ears open., Question everything before deciding.

3rd March 2022

Pluto, Mars, Venus conjunct in Capricorn - New Moon in Pisces
When I saw this aspect this morning I thought, oh god, please lets all be ok. The Pluto, Mars, Venus is strong (short lived but it carries a punch). It's in a positive aspect but who's to say how that feels. When "PLUTO" demands actually insists, expects CHANGE then and there. If no one is listening it will make the change for us, like it or not! "MARS" - Power - Anger - Force, in the name of something we love, that is dear to us and care for "VENUS". Put these 3 planets to together and expect a sudden unexpected shift a universal change. All happening at the same time as we get the new Moon in Pisces also on 2/3rd March 2022. This is a time for acting out our desires and hopes. Good time to follow your dream. It's strong thanks to the Neptune, Jupiter nearby also in Pisces. Very, very powerful and magical time Folks. Let's keep our minds and intentions healthy, full of love and care for each other and the universe and all that exists here. May this world hopefully see the end for the need to be the in control and peace prevail for all living beings.

17th Feb 2022

Full Moon in Leo
Now's a time to show everyone around you what you've got, be colourful, outwardly and heartfelt. We need to be recognised and appreciated for the wonderful beings we are with this Full Moon. Our talents, beauty and our efforts need to shine. And shine it will!

Leo Moons have an innate drive to be seen and also appreciated for their talents, if not they will do anything just about to make you look and notice. Leadership skills give them that royal pizzazz which brings out all the followers and worshippers. There's no shortage of that, people love you. Others look upon you as the wise one. This Leo Full Moon, sitting opposite the Aquarian Sun is squaring the Lunar Nodes which puts tension into it. Expect huge shifts and exposures of hidden lies and secrets within the next few weeks. Many of us will feel betrayed. Especially those of us that didn't see it before, and those that did will take a breath of relief, still a painful one though.

The Mars-Venus in Capricorn will want us looking for others who have the same passions as ourselves. It's a time to look for love of the deeper sense. Nothing superficial. The Mars-Venus conjunct is around till April, it's an important one. Are you with your tribe? If not your on a mission to find them beautiful people.

Feb 2022

3 pairings in the Skies as all planets go direct
Closest conjunct today is Saturn Sun in Aquarius. Where hard authentic work and not much play is on the cards. Our Sun is about our energy and drive, what brings us joy and happiness, what makes us smile and get up in the mornings. Now with Saturn beside it, it's all about getting things done. Doing them in a way that's authentic to you and the way you are. Not the way it's normally managed. Aquarian energy is definitely not a follower. They do things their own way and don't care or even notice it's their own way. They seem to others brave (weirdos) and go against the grain. Still they don't notice, it's not what everyone else would normally do. We need just that to shake things up now and again. They are the freedom fighters. Saturn energy beside the Sun will keep things in check and usually that means not much fun is at hand as Saturn wants the job done and done well. Saturn is not light nor playful when work is at hand. Also an energy in need otherwise we would all be lying at the beach every day sunbaking lol. Now that s an idea!! So if you find yourself digging deep, staying at home finishing of those jobs and feeling great because its making you happy to get it done that's your Saturn Sun at work.

Mars Venus Conjunct strongest on 11/12th February
This can be a scary energy in such that when Folks have this in their chart their love for anything is forceful and intense. In sex crimes or bondage, this aspect is prominent. However others channel it in different ways by protecting victims of crime. Counsellors, lawyers, health practitioners and so on. I would also imagine competitive athletes have this aspect. Being in Capricorn, Mars becomes extremely competitive and driven going for what it wants. With the endurance to do the full 9 yards.

Mercury Pluto in Capricorn 12th February
As we can see the Capricorn energy is strong in most of February. When the Mercury the messenger conjuncts it, then serious conversations/news/information will be transmitted. Dark secrets will come out, people will be shocked and mortified. No longer can things be covered up and we are seeing this already. Especially since Mercury went direct a few days ago. Many will not want to know and will keep their heads in the sand. Sadly that's their choice. But the truth is unravelling Folks. Something massive will be exposed and there could be a dramatic end to it. Mysteries can be unravelled within our lives. Slow and steady :)

1st Feb 2022

Chinese New year of the TIGER - New Moon in Aquarius both fall on the same day
The Tiger signifies power, strength and fighting for its rights. People born in the year of the tiger are really lovely people, until you push them too far, then you see a side you never ever want to see again. The claws and teeth come out from nowhere, and all you want to do is run!! Wishing you hadn't tested their patience. The year ahead signifies one just like that. People will stand up and fight back. They have had enough of all this bull dictatorship the Ox brought, enough is enough.

"The Tiger is The Saviour of the People". The Tiger is respected for their bravery and courage feared for their unpredictable anger.

New Moon in Aquarius. Tomorrow always brings with it a fresh new start in each and every one of us, if we acknowledge the time to make the best of it. Aquarius New Moon has a window of 2 weeks to give us a chance for change. Here we are given the opportunity to improve what no longer serves us and in a rebellious sudden exit, head for better things. Things that will help us grow and prosper if that's what we want. On the other hand we can stay exactly where we are if all is well and improve on that. Emotionally (the Moon) our hearts have an Aquarian energy in them that's not accepting the status quo. You would have felt the heart strings pulling strongly these last few weeks, now it's time to decide. I am an Aquarian with very strong Aquarian energy in my chart, I've been feeling it for a week, something is brewing, change is coming. Uranus rules Aquarius and the change it brings will be so sudden you won't know what hit you, I can guarantee it. Hopefully it'll be a peaceful one.

25th Jan 2022

Mars changed signs and went into Capricorn
Mars with all its firey energy and drive has to pull back a little and think before leaping. It really doesn't like that, but it's good for it. Unknowingly Capricorn is giving it more sustainable power. Thinking before leaping helps us make better decisions, more sustainable ones. I feel Mars may feel a bit of conflict within with this energy, yet the outcome will always be a better one, no doubt. Mars now with all its energy and stamina is actually bumped up more with ambition, endurance and determination and the Capricorn energy makes it slower steadier. A think before you leap sort of guy. Including more ambitious. This placement is common in people good in sports or athletics. So with decisions and whatnot you may find yourselves hesitant and questioning a whole heap, shall or shan't I? Yet when you do make up your mind it's full steam ahead.

24th Dec 2021

Saturn square Uranus
This square is quiet strong, and comes on Christmas Eve. Bringing more imbalance of energies between those who want freedom, to NOT follow the rules, and are not buying into it - and those who are wanting to do what they're told. Follow the rules and be obedient. The Saturn energy sticks to the rules and follows (even though it's in Aquarius). The Uranus energy never follows, and thinks for itself. This really makes it perhaps a little more open minded and questioning things.

Additionally the Nodes change signs from Gemini - Sagittarius to Taurus - Scorpio. The new energy for 2022 is definitely about accepting a new norm, being ok with it and continual changes. We need to come together, avoid turbulence between each other. The sooner we work together and support and respect one another, the sooner we will allow the new world/life and get on with it.

11th Dec 2021

Venus Pluto in Capricorn for 3 days
Is this a match made in heaven? Joy that comes from intensity, happiness that's instigated by catastrophe?
someone dear to us needs our help, we have to step up to the mark. It's not a light situation, something that can make our inside feel funny, anxious and scared. It's our duty, we will and can do it, that's love, that's what we should do :) The phrase, "you have to be cruel to be kind" comes to mind. Like when we have to ok the euthanasia of a pet, how hard is that? That's what this is Folks.

4th Dec 2021

New Moon in Sagittarius early evening
Our burning desires to travel, seek education and explore once more will come to a head. As we find ourselves mentally planning for trips again (passionately). The mental urges are stronger during the new moon and can better easily be manifested when our desires are true to hearts and needs. Sag is about exploring the truth and finding out like a detective what's really going on. Will this new moon in Sagittarius be an epiphany for mankind? I certainly hope so :) Too many have been burying their heads in the sand. The Eclipses, New Moons & Full Moons which all involve our precious Moon are about femininity (felt by men and women alike), desires, wants, needs, feelings, what nurtures us and how we nurture others. It begins through giving, loving, hugging (which I miss) kissing!! = actioning it out. Moon is about Mother (or the one that represents her) as Mother is above all. She is the one we feel first in each and every new life. She is our rock. She is about safety, warmth and love, food, she is the one that gives without taking. Always giving without taking. As the Moon (mother nurturer) meets the Sun this New Moon what be will we manifest.

28th Nov 2021

Mercury Sun in Sagittarius
This is a great aspect if you're a writer or you have some writing to be done. Our minds are open, concentration is strong, the words will flow. I would get onto all those emails that need doing :) As it is Sag energy, it is full of knowledge, ie a little bit of know how at least something on every subject in existence. Knowledge of everything, so when Mercury comes round and gives it more confidence, and an edge to that communication status, wooh watch out Folks. We all have opinions and something to say right? Now's the time you will be given a slight nudge forward to verbalise your views, clearly, and sharp as a whistle. To express yourself either in writing action, song or speech. The topics of what we mention will be those that are dear to our hearts, what makes us happy, joyful topics that mean a lot to us.

19th Nov 2021

Upcoming Full Moon in Taurus - Partial Lunar Eclipse, T square Jupiter
Amplifying the values of ourselves, our money and our self worth! Play it well and it will give you abundance and confidence. On a collective it'll be about huge changes in finances, money situations, food, beauty, love, and comfort on a worldly level. The opposition to Mars can cause sudden unexpected change. Nothing happens but for a reason, so in time the change will be appreciated/needed for growth. As uncomfortable as it may be. Full Moon/Eclipses are about making up our minds, knowing what we want and don't want. Setting the intentions then following them through. It's vital to know what you need and do not need, then set your heart on that Folks. Happy Partial Lunar Eclipse
Copied from Wiki - Lunar Eclipse
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth's shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned with Earth between the other two, and only on the night of a full moon. The type and length of a lunar eclipse depend on the Moon's proximity to either node of its orbit.

17th Nov 2021

Mars Opposite Uranus
As it is Uranus doesn't take shit for too long, when it finally has had enough it explosively / dramatically / suddenly removes itself or changes the scenario. Think of all those sudden impacts or changes in your life, and most likely it was Uranus playing a major role in them. Now Mars is in its old ruler Scorpio and this puts an intensity, much more strength and power, more determination and guts than any other sign in.

The sting of a Scorpian is oh so very true. I've felt it over and over in my life having my North Node in Scorpio. I keep getting forced to face the darkness and learn to deal with it without acting like a sissy. (That's an old fashioned term, but it fits the picture perfectly). Scorpios and their lives involve tough lessons, not for the lighthearted nor for those who try to dodge reality. Life is tough and we gotta learn to deal with it sooner or later. Whats in store with this opposition personally to you? Who knows? But when it happens you'll go, "ohhhhhhh right I get it". OUCH!!

Nov-Dec 2021

Mercury Mars heat the situation up as they ride the skies in Scorpio
What is that quote, "HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED"? I always thought it was Shakespeare but it is William Congrave. Wise man, but no one takes notice until they're bitten. That intense fury/anger/Scorpio which is Mars really, that comes only when push, push, and then pushed some more. It is boiling around in our blood at the moment for some of us. We may be driven to do things in a softer way. The thing is we will be driven to do something, we will sit silent no more. Regarding personal relationships, others that have taken advantage of us, will be hearing from us. Thanks to Venus's shift into Capricorn, words need to be exchanged.

The opposition to Uranus will bring it on suddenly, and end it quick. Uranus doesn't like wasting time so once it's had enough, it's just that. This might all sound like scary, deep, dark gloom, however it's not really, it's what's needed sometimes to trigger change. Uranus wants just that. It doesn't want stagnant, dragged out state of affairs. With Saturn coming square to the opposition of Mercury, Mars, Sun/Uranus... WOW WEE are we in store for who knows what. Saturn is strict and like a brick wall, but will come tumbling down pronto. One can relate these activities or vibes to ones life, or to the world around us in the sad state it is in, especially here in Australia.

31st Oct 2021

Sun in Scorpio Square Saturn in Aquarius
Restricted somehow in doing what brings you joy/pleasure, forced to second think the situation? Weigh up from all angles before attempting that move. So what is it? Follow your heart with wanting self gratification or party popper duty? Which will you do? The outcome will depend on what you choose!! It's a hard decision when we have only just received part of what should be rightfully ours anyway "FREEDOM". Duty = Saturnian energy is yucky poo, if we are free spirits WE most likely want to adhere to duty but don't want to be forced into it...right? If you have planets in Aquarius around 7 degrees this is gonna be quite challenging for you. My advice is to try not to oppose and fight it. Follow the line of duty and stay calm when speaking to authorities no matter how fired up you may be. Authority will try and trip you up during these times. Short transit but a strong one.

21st Oct 2021

Full Moon in Aries at 27 degrees
The pressure is rising, do you all feel it? There's an energy in the air and it's getting tighter by the day. Mercury will station, then move forward also on the 21st October, intensifying the whole scenario. On the 19th October, Jupiter moves forward which makes the big three - Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all direct by the Full Moon in Aries.

This impulsive Aries energy may all surprise us. It's huge I believe, and may bring sudden change. A lot of us will be releasing a whole heap of bottled up anger or emotions that can no longer be subdued. The communications will be expressed loud and strong! Also very important that everyone take extra care as harm can come upon us with strong, willful energy that doesn't give much thought before acting, thanks to Aries. Mars in Libra opposite the Moon! We may see extreme storms and weather changes. Here in Sydney we have been having winter weather and flash flooding with hail, even though we are half way through Spring. Yet to be honest our energy has been pent up for some time, in fear of offending others, there has to be a release sooner or later. Put thought into your actions Folks and hopefully all will be ok and keep safe.

16th Oct 2021

Mars in Libra retrograde right back opposite Chiron in Aries
Which wound relating to us speaking our truth, took us down, where we did not address things the way we needed to? It's now back again for us to do it right. There a conflict here between spontaneous action in relation to communicating ideas, and what one's gut wants you to say (without thinking it thoroughly through). Stopping and taking a deep breath, pondering before acting. This would be useful in relation to possible trip ups and accidents. Mercury if rushed or in retrograde can cause these. Second chance is here Folks.

6th Oct 2021

Libra New Moon
We had the Libra New Moon late last night here in Sydney. The intensity, the power of this new Moon is intensified by the fact it's conjunct to Mars, also in Libra Mars in Libra brings an action/force/energy - to be there and to help others. I saw this explanation of the effects and energies of the New and Full Moon Phases by Lara Newell Barrette. I take no credit - Thank you Lara "A Moon Cycle is from one New Moon to the next (29.5 days). So whatever is initiated at a new moon, reaches a point of culmination, illumination or intensity at the Full Moon (two weeks later), and then the energy winds down until the cycle begins again. However, every new moon, has it's full moon counterpart six months later - this is when we see the themes directly related to the particular new moon, reaching fullness. So for example, today's new moon in Libra, will have a moment of illumination at the Full Moon in Aries (it's opposite sign) on Oct 20th. But the Full Moon in Libra won't happen until April 16, 2022."

So what does this New Moon in Libra bring us? Well Libra is about love and romance, it's also about keeping the peace, not facing your demons but addressing the situation calmly with diplomacy, It tugs at the heart strings. For those New Moon born babies this New Moon could have us thinking about that more than the others, especially if its is in close aspect to our New Moon or in positive aspect. The next 2 weeks if we set our intentions could bring us balance once more in our lives. If so, we must speak up, we must take action. We can't sit back and allow things to just happen. On the night of the New Moon if you find yourself thinking about something dear to your heart you want, then put it in to action, do something about it. You may find it all works out by the next Libra Full Moon in 6 months. Happy New Moon in Libra Folks

4th-5th Oct 2021

Mercury Jupiter Trine
What a gracious aspect that fills the heart with joy. When the Centaur Mercury messenger of the Gods has the power to communicate with grace, beauty and harmony. To make peace with everyone and to be able to put faith in their hearts again. The word will be spread wide all over mother earth, there seems to be good news ahead Folks. The aspect requires both sides to be heard, since Mercury is in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius will allow the most rebellious and awkward misfits (considered misfits by the masses, not really it's just they had it right all along) can have their say now. We are all listening. Within these two days, start making plans for the future and they will come true, without hiccups. It's a great time to organise your stuff and know where everything sits. Try to be disciplined in spite of the fact you really don't feel you need to. Our minds are open like sponges, take advantage of this time to dwell on business activities in your favour. Many of us are feeling a deep sense of optimism with an urge to grow in new and interesting areas of education. It is a good time to start a course or pick up and read a new book. Enjoy Folks.

1st Oct 2021

Venus square Jupiter
It's not like it's bad enough, we have all gained 10kilos during lockdown, now we have an aspect that'll probably entice us to take it one step further. Pleasure, is the key, sensual pleasure times a million, giving ourselves or allowing ourselves to self indulge during this transit. Jupiter allows much more of what you want if it comes from the right place. Watch yourselves with online spending and splurging. There's a tendency to buy big, expensive things. If one does it cautiously, without rushing into it, it actually can turn out for the best, so enjoy it. Worry is with those who do not have the money to spend in the first place. Avoid debt Folks! Some serious deep and hidden secrets may come to the surface over the next few days. Working through it all with counseling and deep healing is recommended. It may be quite hair raising stuff.

20th-28th Oct 2021 AEST

Mercury in Libra Retrograde
As Mercury stations tomorrow then retrogrades on the weekend, I wonder what could be store for us. A time to really sit back and reflect on all we have achieved through the transmission of communication. Sometimes I find retrogrades if handled with calm / appreciation instead of fear, allow all those things we were trying to get dusted and finish actually finish themselves. A time of closure. Try it some time you may be surprised. Not a good time to initiate stuff, however by just allowing you may find things get rounded off. After all, being in Libra, all it wants is a fair and balanced conversation. Or talk about the beauty all around us, to point out that movies like 'The History Of The Future Folk', are all about how important music is, another form of communication. Mercury also rules technology and travel hmmmmm is all I have to say. Enjoy the next 3 weeks or so Folks.

23rd Sept 2021

Sun and Mars in Libra
I'm not surprised there was an earthquake in Melbourne, also felt in South Australia and Tassie. There's a ton of unfulfilled energy going round, people aren't being listened to, and that energy has to be expressed somehow. Sun-Mars energy. This is when we want to fulfil our Sun, and we do so with an expression that's overly reactive. Something of ours isn't being met and this will be felt more in those with planets in Libra around between 0-7 degrees.

Sun in Libra. Pleasant, peaceful, harmonious, aesthetic, beauty, romance, and soft music. That's what I think of when I think of Libran energy. To fulfill their Sun they need all that. Librans love to love. Flirty, sexual, love to be in love. This brings joy to their desires/needs for happiness and balance in their lives. I've always had a knack to pick a Libran a mile away. I feel safe in their presence. They have a way to make you feel good, in essence that's their ultimate goal, it is to make you happy.

Yet underlying all that "peace man" attitude is a whole heap of tension. You wouldn't know it, deep within them is nerve racking pent up tension. They put themselves under loads of pressure trying to keep the peace and harmony around them. For some reason they feel responsible for everyone's happiness, to achieve that they feel they have to lie, cheat, cover up and lie again till blue in the face. That's what doesn't sit well with others. As the Sun moves into Libra today there is something stirring within us. Mars is causing that, on a good note it'll propel us to act on what's on our minds. We feel energised and brave. We will take action and do what our hearts desire.

15th Sept 2021

Mars in Libra
The thing that's wrong about this placement is that Libra energy doesn't like confrontations. You may notice the Librans around you have a strong dislike for facing their enemy, or better still lack the balls to face someone face to face in confrontation. They are all about peace man! So instead they hide behind a letter or email and do their attacks / address their enemies. I know a couple :) Mars is all about balls, stepping up and fighting like a warrior, head on no hesitations. It's about facing their fear in the to face. Mars is the natural ruler of Aries and if you have Aries friends you will know they're good to be around, in any situation really, they will stick up for you, fight for you and protect you instead of hiding under a rock. Not to take away from Libra, as we do need to have peacemakers in this world and that's your typical Libran energy. It needs peace, aesthetics and harmony otherwise they are under constant anxiety and tension. So imagine what it's like when Mars and Libra are one! 2 very conflicting energies. So here for about a month, Mars will be in conflict with itself trying to take steps, do things, act out, defend and speak up while constantly feeling an invisible wall in front of it.

14th Sept 2021

Sun Opposite Neptune
Today is a day we all need to be 100% present to everything we hear, watch and deal with. Someone will be trying to fool us (there's plenty of that going on right now). However todays a biggy. Both planets are in mutable signs making the energy more airy fairy and untangible. Not a good day to buy anything or go online shopping spree. we will be feeling confused anyway, indecisive too. We won't be able to see items/objects for what they truly are and miss something crucial, only to regret it later on. With the Sun and Neptune aspects, deception is playing the cards and we are pretty weak and vulnerable during this time. Not a good day for arguments or confrontations. Avoid them !! Psychic abilities and deep spiritual senses are high, so good time to meditate and make affirmations. Just be with yourself and wait for this day to pass Folks.

7th Sept 2021

Pluto - Capricorn - Jupiter - Aquarius, Semi Sextile for 10 days from today
These two planets are in negative aspect to each other. They are slow moving, both in retrograde and quiet powerful energies. Pluto is about endings, transformation, releasing the old (to make way for the new of course). What makes me uncomfortable about this aspect is Jupiter's placement to Pluto. Jupiter is all about optimistic, expansive, positive, abundance and so on. Both in retrograde means finishing what wasn't finished in the past. Going back to that time and doing it right this time. Giving us on a global level the chance to correct what needs correcting.

On personal level this change could be related to legal issues, or travelling to far off lands, searching for the truth. This is important because Jupiter always wants the truth behind everything. It wants something to believe in. No funny business. This may mean the truth is about to be seen by all. I think everyone could be in for a surprise Folks. Not a very comfortable one at that too.

7th Sept 2021

New Moon in Virgo
The night skies have been pretty dark the last few nights. Now tonight with a new Moon in Virgo the skies will light up once more. Virgo New Moon brings with it new clear order. Emotional stability, the need to be emotionally stable. Expecting others to do the same. I think of my gorgeous grandson whom I haven't seem in over 2 1/2 months, has a birthday today and is missing school, his friends and stability so much. Order and consistency is important in this Virgo's life. Some do ok with chaos, others don't, disarray - it's not for everyone. New Moon wants us to start planning and organising the month ahead. Put potential activities for our lives in place. Do we need to have check ups at our Naturopath, get a massage to help relax, plan a walk every day or 2 as long as it's within your 5km if you live in NSW (madness). Having a plan and something to look forward to, can help with the stress we are all under. Here and all over the world.

6th Sept 2021

Mars in Virgo, Venus in Libra Semi Sextile
Psychologically and mentally challenging aspect. These two planets have nothing in common. No sign energy nor planet harmony. Energy of these two would have started on 4th September exactly today and tomorrow. Probably hesitant to act on something you feel very compelled to do. Something you love is challenging you deeply. Shall you keep it or throw it away. Shall you try and hold on to it and make it work even though deep down you know it's not a good idea? Could be an old piece of furniture that's full of mould or a relationship that no longer serves or supports you.

5th Sept 2021

Venus in Libra, Square Pluto Capricorn
This aspect it about having to give up something you hold dear to you, adapt to a change that you may feel threatened by, especially between you and another person you care about dearly. Watch it change to something else or having to release it for growth and the future. Venus in Libra is content enjoying what it loves with her surroundings. Loads of harmony in Libra yet once she squares Pluto the universe is wanting change from her. Stifled relationships between friends, bosses, employees and or partners always need a shift. They can't continue as is. In the end it's for the better Folks, just hard and challenging to see/adapt, now while we are in it.

2nd Sept 2021

Mars Opposite Neptune
Confrontations, there's a strong chance one on one loud, even aggressive exchange of opinion. Neither being able to see each others points of view. I highly recommend people try and stay calm and not over react. Actually DON'T REACT at all. Freedom of opinion is out the window. You have no ground. This opposition can indicate forced action from one to another, aggressive energy - so stay calm. Laying low and not overreacting is what we need to do. Nurturing ourselves instead of abusing our bodies as we can be susceptable to getting sick or feeling unwell. We all need to take a chill pill. Keep to ourselves for a day or 2. This is a debilitating aspect Folks. Take care that someone else doesn't try and pull one over you, plenty of that going around today/tomorrow. At this time we are blind to each other's points of view and this is how things can go wrong. Being in lockdown here in Sydney we can't really see others yet this can happen between you and others in the home. Unless you live alone, then phone conversations can be heated. Yeah it's a dreary aspect, it is what it is - stay safe Folks.

26th August 2021

Chiron and Moon in Aries opposite Venus in Libra
Chiron the wounded healer is emotionally charged with a whole heap of fire/energy that can be sexual desire/anger or both. A strong drive to possibly look deeper to that past pain from childhood (past life) to resolve it or find out what it is that ails you emotionally from someone dear to you. There's a need to resolve it and get solutions or action it. Work through the pain that keeps popping up now and again. This is strongest especially for those having a Chiron return (in Aries) aspect this transit in other ways opposition ie in Libra or squaring it in Cancer or Capricorn within 2 degrees. Who from your past life/childhood hurt you so bad. That now and forever you will help others who suffer the same. We get reminded every now and again so that we do more work to heal ourselves Folks. Hence enabling us to be the better therapist.

25th-26th August 2021

Mercury Opposite Neptune
Neptune can revolve around altered states, not being present, unable to see things for what they are. When in opposition it's someone else not clarifying things for us., or hiding the truth. I leave it to you to figure out what that means on a global level. Mercury the messenger isn't delivering the truth, a load of truths are being bent or put out of context. On a personal level where you have Pisces and Virgo within a few degrees of 22. Our minds are not so clear and we feel foggy in the head. On a good note our psychic abilities are heightened and dreams can come in strong. I

21st August 2021

The last of the outer planets, Uranus is in retrograde. Which means we have all the big boys retrograding for most of the rest of the year. Jupiter and Saturn go forward again in October. The Retrograde outer planets are Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Chiron. Uranus is about our individuality, our rights to be whoever we want to be, our freedom and quirky uniqueness. Uranus is the other ruler of Aquarius, the loner, the humanitarian, creator of technology and inventor. Saturn which is also retrograding and in Aquarius, was it's first ruler. Aquarius. Hope your not confused yet!

All these planets retrograding puts us in a state of having to fix things we haven't addressed in the past. Gives us another chance to address them. You'll know what they are when they're shoved in your face. On a global level that's huge but necessary. Uranus is 14 degrees Taurus, half way through Taurus. Taurus represents our planet Earth, Mother Earth, land, food, ocean comfort, harmony and love. The things we've been neglecting for so many decades now. "Strangely I wasn't sure what I was going to write about this topic until I sat down and started, then it sort of all came flowing out. I'm embracing this new change in me. Tapping into my other talents of obtaining information to share with you all." Back to Uranus Retrograde Sometimes I truly feel, that all that is happening in the world has a deeper innate way/reason of resolving and helping the planet heal from our constant beating of it. It's forced everything to slow down/stop and come to a close, very close to stand still especially when it comes to polluting the Earth. I worry now whenever I go out, as there is barely anyone on the roads in Sydney these days, that the animals start feeling too comfy and are beginning to walk more on the roads. Yes man has to withdraw into his cave and ponder... as he is forced to work from home. Not allowed to roam around freely damaging, polluting and doing what humans do - destroy. Uranus in Taurus - earth, sky, ground, and everything in between - harmony. To be continued...

19th-20th August 2021

Mars and Mercury in Virgo
For ywo days plenty of heated conversations, people imposing their views or thoughts onto others in the form of speech, raised voices, email, radio, telly, text, any means they know how. The Virgo puts a great twist on this next few weeks of energised conversation, in that for once, we will be listening to one another.

Sadly the lot of us have been imprisoned long enough to start getting mad with each other blaming each other for all sorts of reasons. Those that follow the news will use the news narrative and those that form their own views will use that. There's a problem on both sides of this coin and that is, no one has been able to listen to the other. TO ACTUALLY LISTEN!!! It has caused a rift in friendships and even family.

Now that the Virgo energy has stepped in, more willingness to hear the other out, and really, in the end we are all entitled to our own views. It's a free country RIGHT!!! Sadly no it isn't any longer. It probably never was. That aside please use the energy wisely, this time is also a highly charged accident prone time. If you have something to say or write - do it. Even if it's on a piece of paper no one sees. Get it out of you and try to avoid internalising, it will either make you sick or prone to some freak accident. Mercury and Mars in Virgo - bring it on with kindness and understanding.

11th-12th August 2021

Virgo energy is upon us
The planets are starting to move into the sign of Virgo. We have Venus, the Moon and Mars currently in Virgo. Tomorrow Mercury will join them. This energy can be anxious initially, cautious too, what brings you much joy "VENUS", and buying pretty things if that is your thing - you will do it with extra care. Not rushing into buying that shiny new car if you know what I mean. You will check it over and research it to the enth degree.

Mars in Virgo ties Mars' hands behind his back, it's a tricky one. How to take impulsive, quick, reactive action with Virgo insisting that he be extra careful before taking any action at all. Overall the feeling over the next few days is that of being a little tongue tied and frustrated. This can be fixed by organising yourself and setting step by step goals, knowing what you want to do exactly day by day. That's what Virgo, King of Planning and Organisation, will want you to do. Just be organised and prepared! Then you will soar.

8th August 2021

New Moon in Leo
THE LIONS GATE PORTAL - Occured 11:51pm 8/8/21
This New Moon is fresh and young and full of heart. The New Moon wants new, fresh activity. To show what we have with pride and joy and a touch of pizzaz. New Moons are always about new starts, a chance to do it again, and hopefully right this time. It doesn't have much experience so it is baby steps, with an innocence to it.

Now that we are given a new chance and the courage to dive deeper into our heart we can feel this inner knowing, or shall we or shan't we? The Lions Gate Portal allows us to connect on a deeper level at this time to the spiritual dream part of our universe. Our dreams (I know mine were} very vivid and intense. Our psychic capabilities/intuition is switched on and we can easily go to the other side. As this new Moon is opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus there is a restriction to what we should or should not do and what more of a Saturnian restriction is there than being in lockdown? Sheeeeesh. It may feel uncomfortable letting go of those old habits, friends and others who just do not resonate with you anymore. Yet we must move forward and grow spiritually. My advice is to make the shift you are questioning, follow your heart even though you may feel your hands are a bit tied behind your back. DO IT!!

30th July 2021

Mars in Virgo
This is a conundrum sort of energy. Mars has spontaneous energy, wants to run around naked on a whim, while Virgo is going "na na na you can't do that!" Virgo will give it any reason for constraint, to buckle down and do what's needed in relation to ones health, mental sanity, rituals and organisation, before they both run out naked screaming at the top of their voices, "hallelulah I'm ready".

29th July 2021

Mercury Sun in Leo is nice
Then it opposes Saturn - not so nice! Well if you were born with this placement you would have a voice that projects itself to the end of the room, easily!! Without effort or strain. That says a lot. It's a nice placement full of confidence and self assurance good for teachers or others that do live debates (what does that ask of a child born during these times?). Mercury the messenger conjunct the Sun- both in Leo is a confident placement, has no problem voicing their opinion, knowledge or any form of transmission of information. Singers actors, teachers, head of church's and mosques, speech pathologists. When Mercury and the Sun are actually conjunct on the 1st August, another aspect is they will also be opposite to Saturn in Aquarius. Pulling in the constricted narrow minded energy of hard work and confinement. The feeling of not being able to voice your opinion freely.

I believe this energy has already started, considering the behavior out there at the moment. People getting angry with others for this or that. Very uncivilised to say the least. Narrow minded people bullying, voicing their blinded opinions with no evidence to back it up. It's hard not to get political in Astrology, and I for one have a strong dislike for politics however this is what I see in the skies.

28th July 2021

Mars Opposite Jupiter
This coming month brings with it a load of fire energy and if we are not careful many uncomfortable scenarios. Jupiter is nearly back into Aquarius opposing Mars for a few days. My advice would be to think before acting. Sudden outbursts and urges should be thought through as there is room for it to really get out of hand, in a big way.

Jupiter in Aquarius again has good potential, lovely energy, that can be used in abundance, however it has a rival "Mars" for a few days who will try and rattle things with angry energy. I think we all know and feel it already :)

On a different note there's a chance we overdo physical exercise or work around the house these next few days resulting in potential injury to ourselves. Being aware helps us avoid such potential injuries. This happens only because Mars will put more stamina in our step, the increase in energy encourages us to do more than we normally would-Jupiter.

Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter changes signs and retrogrades right back into Aquarius for the next 5 months right up till 29th December 2021 where it will remain in Aquarius. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and abundance. As much as Saturn is constricted and tight Jupiter is open, positive and loose. The more you believe and give it the more it gives back. Changing signs changes its energy dramatically, new insights inventions, ideas and breakthroughs are on their way. Aquarian energy does not like stagnation and boring same old, it demands forward thinking and change. Slow moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are known as the outer planets and their energies are more significant, as they remain in the same signs for so much longer than Mercury, Mars and Venus, the inner planets. This is why the outer planets' energy transit over your own planets in the same sign, is so significant and has strong long lasting effects.

Jupiter's move into Aquarius brings with it much over thinking and strong mental energy. Jupiter in Aquarius has a strong energy of humanitarian quality to it. Demanding justice be served. It's also a very social energy which will be interesting to say the least.

26th July 2021

Moon in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo
Although this is coming into opposition and won't be lasting long it could be explosive for the time period it's happening in. Aquarius has been constricted and trapped for way too long and this may no longer be easy, i.e. to sit back and take it. Free will is a big thing in us humans or in any living being and souls are getting restless. An Aquarian Moon tends to come across unapproachable, cool and collective yet deep down inside they are extremely loving if they trust you and do anything for you, in their quirky Aquarian way. It's possible this energy will come across a strong attraction to another today which would be pretty hard for us Sydney Folk since we are in Lockdown. That never stopped and Aquarius Moon though :) As a Humanitarian this energy will be universally affected. Trouble can lie in the emotional kindness it carries also, which others (opposite Mars energy) may step in and take advantage of.

24th July 2021 on Aquarius Full Moon

FREEDOM MARCH ! - Its an exciting time Folks
We have 2 full moons in Aquarius coming up in a row. How lucky are we? First one this weekend on 24th July, 2021, and is no surprise we will be walking in the Freedom March on Broadway at 12pm. The people will be expressing their dislike of the situation. This March will be held all over the world I heard. Second full Moon in Aquarius is on 22nd August, 2021.

What does Full Moon in Aquarius mean? Basically it's a deep inner urge to break free from whatever is tying you down. The energy of this strong Full Moon will be brewing within you, around you, everywhere already. Aquarius is all about questioning things, and not accepting it on face value. Looking deeper, researching like scientists, the true meaning of a situation or an article that's been read. Those of you with strong Aquarian energy in your chart will already be familiar with this wanting to know the 'TRUTH' energy. You are the investigators, researchers, inventors, scientists and healers of the world.

Brewing within us as a collective will be a need to know more of a situation and not accepting being told what to do anymore. We are all adults, we are our best judge, no one else. Listen to your gut Folks. What is it telling you? It's about doing the right thing, putting others first. Helping humanity. With Leo sitting in the Sun on the opposite side we will be looking at ways to shine and to shine brightly. The Leo energy is about ego and being recognised for the wonderful beings we are. The spotlight will definitely be on many this Saturday. Wishing you all the best for this Aquarian Full Moon Folks.

19th July 2021

Jupiter in Aquarius
Soon Jupiter will go right back into Aquarius hopefully lighting things up for us here in NSW and Victoria. Freedom has never felt so good ! The largest gaseous planet in our solar system, full of optimism and fun is rolling back into the sign of Aquarius on 28th July 2021, the rebellious I won't put up with no shit!! sign. Let's do something about it. That's what I would like to see anyways :)

Jupiter makes whatever is happening larger and bigger than life. Where you have planets in Aquarius it will start firing them off and as long as you are in a positive mindset it will give you abundance in that area.

Jupiter will be in Aquarius for 5 months right up till 29th December 2021. When it will head right back into Pisces. Jupiter in Aquarius as a collective in our world will be highly concerned with justice, fairness and freedom. It will be most interesting to see what happens in the next 5 months. GO JUPITER!!

13th July 2021

Venus Mars in Leo
They will start popping out of nowhere. Those that have thought of you and took no action will brave it without thought to make contact. If you too have thought of them I suggest you respond positively Folks. Now is a good time to pair people up and perhaps make a long lasting relationship or short ones. Does it matter anymore? With the way life is now and will be for a long time we need each other more than ever.

On a different note this conjunct can make us spend more on stuff, yep stuff, we feel compelled to buy. Those things that put a sparkle in our eyes. Material stuff that makes us happy due to their Venusian beauty. You will go after what your heart sings about no matter what. Almost nothing will stop you. What planets/houses you have in Leo, will set the scene.

If you're in a relationship you may find you've suddenly got this strong, bold urge to make things happen. This placement carries a strong star-like confidence, we will feel more game and attractive to everyone else. We may be strutting around with our chests all puffed out too. The mating season is on Folks - Enjoy it.

12th July 2021

Moon Mars Venus in Leo
Already planets are shifting into Leo and it brings to mind the song - 'HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE'. These three planets are emotionally very charged over the next couple of days. There's no doubt this aspect can be a highly sexually charged time. With a deep inner confidence in ourselves and our sexuality leading to flirting. This self confidence plus some strutting around proud and tall can lead to strengthening existing relationships and creating new ones. It's a powerhouse couple of days which would be great if we weren't all locked up here in Sydney.

On a different note we can use this energy up by spending a lot on the things we find beautiful, nurturing and fulfilling, so online shopping might just be at its peek next few days. The energy has to be expressed.

12th July 2021

Mercury Just went into Cancer
Loads of compassionate understanding. There is a bit of sadness with this placement. We are so ready to give an ear to others and help them out we're good at it this coming month however, on that same note not ready to share our own feelings. This can and will piss others off after a while. "Hey I just told you my deepest personal secret"... Quiet, caring, conversation... If you yourself were born with Mercury in Cancer, that would be you all the time, ready to step up and nurture others emotionally, with words of wisdom and loving motherly advice. They're moody sensitive and quick to get hurt.

Mercury in Cancer Folks have few friends, others never get to really know them, that pushes people away. They also ask others way too much detail about themselves and this can make others feel interrogated. They are stubborn, moody and sensitive too. That makes friends feel on edge, like treading on eggshells. You get my drift Folks.

25th June 2021

Mercury stops retrograding -Full Moon in Capricorn Sun in Cancer
A time of nurturing, feeding and loving. We turn inwards towards our clan, be it family or friends, those that we love, those that we nourish, those that nourish us. Mother and the positive of the Mother image. The one that will protect you with her life, the one that was your friend and protector (I do realise this isn't the experience for all). The one that pulled you up when you needed it. Mother is food, warmth, gatherings and sometimes hardness. She is moody, sensitive and overly emotional about her family.

Mother is represented by the Moon. The Moon is our emotions. We as mothers or others that are mothers are Moony. Delicate, soft, psychic (yet hard when need be)!! So during this time we will be focused on doing things right by those around us. Hard work dedicated to what needs to be done will be done. There's an urge to strive and grow and become someone of importance. Putting it in a nutshell it's gonna be a highly charged time trying to fulfill our dreams. It's a good time to reach for the stars Folks. You have a good chance of getting there. Mercury in Gemini now about to move forward will allow a certain type of blossoming of our personal affairs.

10th June 2021

Solar Eclipse Today around 6pm AEST
GEMINI NEW MOON - innocent and vulnerable. The opportunities eclipses bring are what we mere humans need. Opportunity to end a bad relationship/job/situation that are no longer serving us well, to make room for our growth.

Growth comes with a price, well it feels that way. Doesn't it? We feel pain deeply when relationships end, however many of them do need to come to a head, many of them have already served their purpose and are no longer healthy for us. However in actual fact its the best thing that could ever happen to us. We can only see that further down the track. If you are in a so-so relationship with a friend or partner and you are working overtime to keep it all together, then that's not fair not fair on you.

Walk away because now you will be strong and ready. This will bring so much more into your life, so much more in the form of work, study, travel and much more. The theme for this Solar Eclipse is know and go for what you want Folks. Change what no longer serves you and go have a wonderful, successful and happy life.

3rd June 2021

Venus in Gemini
Venus has changed signs, leaving the Gemini bunch and going into Cancer. Overprotected, smothered love. Well, they mean well. Love for Cancerians is about protecting and shielding their beloveds. From anything that may even remotely hurt them. This sort of protection from deep within is like what we see in most mothers anyway. However Venusian Cancer does take it further. They will take out the BIG GUNS if you say anything remotely negative against their family or anyone they "LOVE". I had a Cancer friend who had me for breakfast in the blink of an eye, because I dared mention she needed to let her dog out more, walk him and so on. Normally a lovely sweet lady, turned into Cruella and I was left gapping. Yes the air will be filled with sensitive individuals who take comments about their family perhaps a little too seriously. Where does your Venus sit in?
Venus in Cancer is coming up to a quincunx to Jupiter in Pisces. Very incompatible energies. Take care not to indulge excessively in things you will regret. Over buying, eating or doing anything in excess of the wrong stuff. Not such a good outcome.

June 2021

Important dates this month
21st June 2021 - Winter Solstice in Australia
21st June 2021 - Sun enters Cancer
21st June 2021 - Jupiter retrogrades till 18th October 2021, goes back into Aquarius on 28th July 2021
From 28th July 2021 right up to 29th December 2021 Jupiter re-enters Pisces
22nd June 2021 - Mercury in Gemini stops Rx
25th June 2021 - Full Moon in Capricorn
27th June 2021 - Venus enters Leo
More on these changes and what they mean in the next few days

29th May 2021

Gemini Season - Venus, Mercury Rx in Gemini
The Moon will be opposing them at this time also. There's a lot going down Folks. WOW!! literally communications will be tongue tied and it will be hard to get the message across. Emotionally - the Moon opposing it's aspect tied to it all making it fueled. If I didnt know better I might even be brave enough to say the whole world will have a communications outage. Like the Bee Gees song I Started A Joke!! On a personal level we will be confronted by a mother/motherly figure in our lives. Someone female that is dear to us may be blocking or making us see something we don't like. This will confuse our hopes and dreams temporarily. Perhaps you have in mind to purchase something new and beautiful yet have been blocked somehow. Your heart was set on it so it's not a good feeling not to be able to actually go ahead. As always there are reasons for this aspect and if you have have planets in Gemini/Capricorn it'll shake things up a little for you.

26th May 2021 Total Lunar Eclipse A Blood Moon

We are in for a treat, if it's not cloudy here in Sydney - Wednesday, Tomorrow Night at 9:16pm
We will be able to see it totally from beginning to end, if it's not cloudy. A Full Moon in Sagittarius. This eclipse energy is active 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the eclipse. When setting our intentions within this time frame it helps carry it forward for the year ahead.

Emotionally we are thinking of higher truths and travel. Travel nourishes the soul. It opens our eyes to new and wonderful experiences as humans and in this day and age we have become accustomed to travelling all the time. NOW due to the turn of events we have to focus on travel within our own state/country and how lucky we are to be given an opportunity to get to know this land a whole lot more. With traveling we nurture our emotional soul, OUR MOON, with reading and education we also nourish our emotional soul. Books open our eyes to so much more. That is what the Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about. It also could be about finalising legal issues once and for all, if you have something pending, deal with it. Face it head on.

Those born under a full Moon are those who accept things and can see them clearly. Full Mooners are the ones you can tell your story to and they listen, not judge, as they totally get it, empathise. They've done it all before :) Any drama during this time feels endless and ongoing in our lives. As if on repeat, same old same old. That constant feeling of being on edge as if something negative is about to happen will be in the air during this time of Full Moon energy. My advice is try and get things sorted within your mind emotionally if you want the rest of the year to bring you more happiness. Decide is this what you want or not. Then follow through.

If you know your chart keep an eye on where Sagittarius is, cause that is the area of your life that's going to go gangster. You would have already had that urge and feeling for the past 2 weeks and 2 more to go. It will be a turning point in our lives as it's a strong Lunar eclipse affecting the South Node, the 1st of the year, set your intentions well Folks. Set your intentions well.

21st May 2021

Sun square Jupiter
This puts a totally different energy on Sun, Gemini and Jupiter in Pisces. They have also slightly moved away from it, yet that aspect's effects will still resonate within us for the month. When planets square one another their energies are challenging, and in this case, one is air the other water.

The challenge is brought up within ourselves, questioning if we should follow our heart and desire, although somewhere deeper inside us we know it's not right for us. The Sun seeks happiness and joy in life, the Gemini energy is full of fun quirky excitable witty behaviour. This may not go down very well with everyone, they may be forced to rethink before acting, and this makes them very uncomfortable, as impulsive acts are their asset. The overly optimistic energy of Jupiter may propel us to take on much more than we can realistically handle. Resulting in frustration and embarrassment. Best to be aware not to take on too much and all will be well.

Conflict with others is evident unless we think it through and work it out with them. It's a lot to do with dealing with others and how it's handled, if we are considerate and not self righteous or selfish we in the end win. Both parties do. Compassion and flexibility is what we need and Jupiter can do that quite easily, for example if friends say they're arriving at a certain time yet are 2 hours late, keep your cool. Not easy but it will help.

17th May 2021

Venus and North Node, Mercury in Gemini
Coming up to Gemini season we now have Venus, North Node and Mercury in this quirky quick to exist sign. Although they too, love to love and being in relationships they honestly cannot be tied down. Try if you will, they are meant to try out everything out there. Very experimental and free when it comes to love, relationship, both either side of the fence. It's their bubbly flighty character if they were to be true to themselves and others which in the end will prevail. So why say all this when our Sun hasn't even changed signs yet? Mercury rules Gemini and cheeky open conversations are happening all around us, flirting, sexting insinuating, plus Venus adding her two cents of love into the equation. We have a fun month or so ahead of us OR not depending which side of the affair your on Folks - these conversations are happening.

16th May 2021

Moon and Mars in Cancer
Mars in Cancer on it's own has an energy of conflict with Mother. Someone born with this placement is probably unable to open up and share feelings with their Mum or Mother figure in their life. Instead they will divert conversation continuously away from themselves, to minimise attention on them. They do this by choosing a victim in the room to pick on. It's interesting as I know someone with this exact placement, it's never ceases to amaze me how well and without warning they can do it.

The beauty about Astrology and being an Astrologer is of course it's deep psychological expression of us, it helps us forgive and understand others including ourselves. Back to Moon and Mars in Cancer double whammy, as the Moon is ruled by protective, sensitive, moody Cancer. Conflict with females today Folks. The air is sensitive and charged. be patient and try not to over react. Most importantly challenges will arise and the way you feel/react will stay with you for the rest of the month. My advice DONT over react.

14th May 2021

Jupiter in Pisces
These are old mates. Jupiter used to rule Pisces. This makes the placement very pleasant indeed. The energy Jupiter in Pisces brings is soft, gentle kindness. More compassion towards one another, wouldn't that be nice. As I see it, "the more the better", don't you agree?

A worldwide abundance of understanding and compassion, hopefully some good will come out of this placement this time round. Normally Folks who work in the care system and are good at it, looking after those in need and understanding have this placement. Social workers, vets, nurses, holistic councilors, naturopaths, and aged care workers. Aged care workers plus those who work for DOCS are amongst the most compassionate. I believe they are angels. Unless you have been there you wouldn't know how demanding that role is. Our psychic abilities dreams and intuition will be pretty good during this time.

9th May 2021

VENUS in Gemini - Love is in the Air
I would always be wary of falling in love of a Gemini. They are fun and cheeky, make you laugh and have a good twist on everything, yet can they really settle down? They will have a need to love again; they can't help it. As a friend they are so much fun, entertaining and clever. So the air is charged with deceit and things that may look good on the outside but who knows what really lurks beneath. Having planets in Gemini is a lighter side of your chart, yet can also be the part that you can't hold on to or be taken seriously. Gemini is ruled by the messenger planet MERCURY. Just look how cheeky mercury is represented in history. On another note, lovers will lighten up this month and find some fun in their relationships probably experimenting a little more, trying new things to freshen their connections and love for one another.

9th May 2021

Mars square Chiron
This aspect will stir up old wounds. That all too painful feeling/incident or reoccurring theme/memory from your early childhood or past life. Situations may arise that puts you right back there, and it's upsetting to say the least. This has happened to give you the chance to further heal from it. Scenarios like this are for our growth and healing. They also occur to help us help others in similar circumstances. We know that all too familiar feeling dad or mum inflicted on us. Maybe unintentionally, none the less it pulls at the heart strings. A child is like butterfly wings, soft, tender and breaks ever so easy. The Chiron in all of us is that pain.

5th May 2021

Mercury has changed signs proudly now sitting where it came from its own sign! Mercury in Gemini
Now that we have lightened up our conversation, communications may become hot and spicy. Quirky, deceiving, tricky also. This can also be a jovial time within the air. An energised boost of exchanging and getting to know more about everything around us. When Mercury stations then retrogrades back on the 31st May, sit back folks and just watch. Put your feet up and don't push hard. It's time to view things from afar. Put the kettle on. During Mercury in Gemini season, old flames and friends have a good chance of reconnecting. Watch what will come out of the woodwork.

2nd May 2021

Moon and Pluto Rx in Capricorn
Thoughts will go back to events that disturbed and upset us. Instances may come up that take us back there. Situations may arise and trigger our feelings and emotions, this will especially happen if you have planets in Capricorn.

Its possible we will have, today or tomorrow, some intense things happen around us and shake us to the core. I also suggest to be wary of manipulative scenarios between couples. Don't hurt each other Folks. This is a short transit and just remember whatever happens the feelings it stirs in you will pass tomorrow.

1st May 2021

Happy 1st day of the month Folks
This month has plenty of exciting shifts happening in it.
Firstly Pluto has entered the room and is now retrograde for the next 5 months. The Eclipse session starts, whereby we will have our first Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on 26th May 2021.

Jupiter changes into the water sign Pisces on 14th May 2021 for a while, before retrograding back into Aquarius a little later on. Jupiter will bring with it abundance whereever it may lie in your chart. Something to look forward to. The opportunity will arise but you gotta see it, grab it quickly as it could slip through your fingers. Gemini season, which starts on 20th May 2021, will bring with it some fun as always, lightening up everything around it. Finally but not the least, Mercury retrogrades on 31st May 2021.

27th April 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio
What emotional changes will we be needing to address? Now only few days before Pluto retrogrades, we need to become vulnerable and accept familial changes and unattaching. Staying where we are won't help, time for change and know that it will all be ok. In the end it always is. Change in our family situation, due to secrets being exposed or situationa so emotionally intense they no longer serve us.

The Moon in Scorpio will challenge the Taurus stellium that lies opposite the horizon. This includes our communications - MERCURY, self worth, loves and security - VENUS, our happiness - SUN, will all be emotionally rattled and charged. It's a woopy doopy couple of days. That's all in preparing us for PLUTO retrograde Folks.

24th April 2021

Mars in Cancer
Here we have 2 different energies. The energy of Mars is strong, willful, selfish, sexual, outspoken, and that of the Moon (cancer) is motherly, protective, caring, sensitive, and very moody. Conflicting energies really, yet it will play out like this: this energy can suck the air out of the room. You know when you walk into a room and there's this one person who makes everyone go dead silent? That person is a Mars in Cancer. It's like one can't be themselves around them, they are too judgemental! Or they turn every comment into something else, moving it away from themselves. This is can be a time of deep healing though. Also some truths may prevail, can we accept them?

23rd April 2021

Mercury Venus Sun Uranus Lilith in Taurus square Saturn
These planets sit in comfortable Taurus and can be really secure within their skin (or not) till 4th May. Then Mercury will pop into Gemini. For now we need to settle and get comfortable with where we are at. To play this well for those living on this side of the world. It's getting colder and we start to become more home buddies. Cooking lovely warming soups and stews (I hope), lighting our fire places and just keeping snuggly. Our happy stance will come from just that. Turning inward focusing on ourselves is not a selfish thing, it's about contentment and gives us room to think more about us our family and homes. Especially now that many Folks prefer and are opting to work from home.

The Saturn Square will/may come through in our direction with difficult situations relating to family and our freedom. We may have to bring an elderly parent home to look after. This is hard on all levels. Or decide to put them into homecare. There will be hard but necessary dealings relating to our duty.

19th April 2021

On it's last day in Aries, the Sun conjunct Mercury
Truth be told tongues will speak. Our opinions will be heard, our thoughts expressed. Take care to not be rude though. Aries although ever so lovable is also insensitive to others views. They know best. Where do you have Aries in your chart? This is where you need to look when this transit passes over your sign/planets it will trigger them.

It's a good day to hold a seminar/meeting (as long as others are mindful) as emotions will be high, and the way I see it, communication intense. This is a day for accident prone situations, please take extra care not to rush around. Caution with everything you do, including driving. Our minds today are open and receptive, a good day to start something new and fulfilling, you will be itching too anyways. Choose wisely Folks.

17th April 2021

Sun Square Pluto in Capricorn
Disruption of some sort may enter our lives today. Our joy and happy stance may be shaken suddenly as Pluto brings on a much needed transformation. When we are forced to address things we've been avoiding, it's the universe telling us we need to face fear straight on. Uncomfortable as it may be it will strengthen us and bring a much needed change. As Pluto is in dark, serious, party pooper Capricorn, what we need to address will be most likely related to duty. Our parents who are aging, our homes which may be falling apart, and we've ignored it for far too long. It'll hit us smack in the face with this, if the aspect is firing close to our own signs/planets.

Overall changes in our life will have to happen like it or not. If we won't to assist it, it's best we don't fight it and go for the ride and let the universe lead us where we need to be. On the other hand you may be like me, and had your internet down for 24 hoursbe cause you stupidly plugged in the wrong plugs. A common scenario in my life, yet it left me unable to do this page or do my assignments for 24hrs, not to mention watch telly. Ended up having a lovely early nights sleep with deep enjoyable dreams :). PLUTO breakdown took away my joy SUN which was watching my series that night and my studies. It can be that simple. Just forces us to do things differently.
Happy Star Gazing Folks

12th April 2021

Venus Square Pluto
Our relationships will be on fire. There's an intensity here that can make it or break it. Passionate, emotional love between two people or more, depends what you fancy (or something you want badly). Yet here the draw is emotional love that's electrical strong, and one that leaves an imprint on your mind. Intensity is the key word. Pluto's energy will want to bring in change, a transformation that can make some of us feel very uneasy. Yet the transit is wanting us to adapt to this change, for as always in the end it will be for the better. Pluto, no matter what, always wants the best for us, and although we don't like it's hard, realistic ways of making us address issues, we will see a year from no, that it was for the best. So suck it up baby!! Dont resist. Take this advice from a someone who has plenty of plutonic stuff happening in her chart.

10th April 2021

Thelma and Louise Style
Moon just joined Chiron, Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Aries
Are you feeling more powerful and decisive? Well we should be. The next few days are all about walking the talk Folks. Feeling empowered and ready to get things moving. No more pussy footing around. The vibes are, "we are living life and loving it". Driven to make the best of what we have. No time is to be wasted. We won't put up with anyone standing in our way either. It's Thelma and Louise time!!! Without the ending !
Actually I might rewatch that amazing film, it changed a lot of women's lives.

9th April 2021

Mercury, Chiron and soon Venus and Sun conjunct Aries
Its a time to verbally be expressing our childhood pain. The way things work is like this ,we are always given opportunity to heal work out or express so we deal with our stuff and now is that time. For those of you with Chiron in Aries you are given centre stage to do just that.

The issues relating around the wounded healer - Chiron in this scenario revolves around a strong independent personality that had no fear and said /did /acted out all it felt. She/he had no need to fear as they were bold and brave, yet this behaviour was not always tolerated and was shut down STOPPED squished and so the bold little child who was fearless the one who ride the roller coasters, jumped off the roofs spoke without hesitation was made to bottle up for rest of their life, to speak only when spoken to. This creates a terrible pain within one, and can also lead to disease if not dealt with properly. The stars are aligned as they have been many times in the past to give you such opportunity
May the stars be with you.

7th April 2021

Venus and Sun in Aries
As the planet of love - VENUS comes closer to the planet of happy stance - SUN we are urged to go out and make things happen. Aries will and does put action into feelings and thought. Its easy to go for the things that make us happy, it being a person or material. Aries gives it the edge that may have been missing to take that one last leap!

Fulfilling our Sun means doing what makes us happy, things that put a smile on our faces. It could be an urge/love to go/try horse riding but youve never quiet had the courage-now you will. If some of you have had things put aside, on the shelf, nows a good time to action them. It will be effortless. Surrounding yourself and seeking thing that are attractive to you comes easy next few days, and so it should.

30th March 2021

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces
Hey folks - careful not to get fooled by some sweet talking. Plus it can be a time of gossip, which is nasty! Gossip to me is like a disease, I knew some Folk who were gossipers and happy to say they are not part of my family anymore. When you're young you love it, take it all in, its fun if told by a good story telling ... I wont mention any names. I learnt pretty quickly how harmful gossip can be and how disgusting it also is. Since Mercury is the prince of transmitting information (correct or not mind you) this is a time I would recommend you do not believe everything you hear.

On a good note you will find yourselves being able to show exactly how you feel through communication. Bringing up stuff that you have buried away long long ago. Keeping in mind if we are healing from past issues and venting them in an artistic way the other involved may not exactly like it or get it for that matter. Confrontation is on the agenda...

This aspect will trigger your innate love to read up on or take a course of spiritual/alternative studies. With our minds so open atm thanks to Neptune we will be so much more receptive and willing to go where we have never gone before. Dreams included. Enjoy this transit and perhaps try and do some astral travel Folks

29th March 2021

Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries - Opposite the Full Moon in Libra
The pain/lessons we are healing from are being rehashed. NOT only that, they're sitting opposite the full Moon In Libra. Oh man this can be an extremely sensitive healing time for our world/universe, humanity - all that is, including individually. That pain you carry from childhood which brings tears to your eyes or stops you from going back to your family home and visiting your folks may just be rehashed.

This, although is a peaceful beautiful time Astrologically, it is also painful. Others will come into our lives today reminding us of what we most likely don't want to be reminded of. The Moon sitting opposite this trio in Aries will add that sensitivity and emotional feels.

On a different note it can be a time of total healing, we are here to help each other, and we should do just that. While walking yesterday at the Royal National Park, there were 56 of us all up. Climbing scrambling and exploring the beauty the park has to offer.

We reached an amazing cave that was just inviting us to climb into. No matter what age you are you see a cave you wanna climb into it. Some of us oldies and youngens (not me lol) were hesitant. They wanted to, yet it was a little steep, no one likes to hurt themselves right? The group was instantly encouraging and nurturing, verbally assisting each one of us to get up there and sit in this cave until nearly everyone of us had.

24th March 2021

Venus and Sun in Aries
An interesting month Folks with Aries as a driving force. The air is still pretty charged with love sex and more sex and love. It's a time of feeling good, and doing what makes you happy.

No force can stop you now, you've got Aries backing you all the way. Please be mindful that Aries can be selfish and childish, driven to take what it wants, irrespective of the other player. Be mindful not to do that to your fellow man. Enjoy the extra force and energy you are give at the moment, with mindfulness in your heart.

This is a good month to overreach and pursue your dreams. You will find your dreams will fall into place one by one. It's months like these we should always take advantage of. Keeping in mind not to over rush, not to overlook fine details by double checking and rechecking. Also not to step on any toes. Your drive to get what you want quickly may see you hurting others in the process, this you will want to avoid by applying mindfulness to every step you take. Whether it be entering a new relationships or buying your favorite piece of art work. Think again please, and it will be fine I promise.

19th March 2021

Sun and Venus in Pisces.
This is an easy time to fall in love with someone/something. By something I mean possessions, material stuff. Our eyes are seeing the beauty and love in everything and everyone. Our beer goggles are on so to speak.

Hearts are open like a morning glory flower first thing in the morning. Receptive and inviting to anything that comes our way. We are feeling and seeing only the good side of things. There's no flaws or bad sides atm, only beauty, peace and harmony all around us. Cupid and his arrows are busy today Folks.

Today and tomorrow is a good time to pamper yourself and go all out. Its you time! I just had a wonderful massage and that's what I mean by pampering yourselves. Its really a lovely day of feel good vibes and those of us who are creative will be open to our creative artistic side.
Sing along Folks

17th March 2021

Uranus and Moon in Taurus
Mercury just cruised into Pisces. While we must not forget The bigger dudes Venus, Neptune and our Sun is also in Pisces.

Uranus Moon - A short 1 day transit of feeling driven by our senses and our need for rest. Taurus likes to bask in comfort, with this change in the weather here in Sydney, there is no better time than now to stay in bed, sleep, read a book or watch SBS on Demand all day (Uranus I imagine would be more a fan of SBS). Lets nurture ourselves ...yes?

You will be feeling mighty lazy and craving to just stay in today. Cooking your favorite foods. Uranus can be bold if it really wants to be, I have a feeling plenty may be chucking a sickie today. On the negative side of this transit there will be feelings of inadequacy, judging ourselves, not content with how we are or where we are at the moment. Taurus can also go a little dark with self worth, the Moon being about our feelings can or will feel it, if our head space permits it. Stayed tuned for Mercury in Pisces Folks

14th March 2021

Uranus square Saturn
This aspect can initiate sudden abrupt deliberate change in our life.
We may have been putting up with something way longer than we should have. The next few days will see us explosively dealing with it. Walk out on a job, relationship, friendship or other. It will happen abruptly, and that's due to the fact you have had enough!! Besides it's Uranus and Uranus doesn't silently walk away from anything.

You've been doing the right thing by them for years and now you have the courage to disconnect and change your life. Take note your gut is telling you leave. However, it's an urge encouraged from the outside forces without deep thought, think about it 100 times before you do it. It can be something you will ultimately regret at some stage in the future. Having the urge to end a relationship does not necessarily mean it's the right thing to do. I suggest deep thorough pausing to rethink about it (a day or 2) will help you come to the right decision.

If we do not work up that burst of energy to actually end things with a job or relationships, then we may just be disruptive and difficult. Making life very annoying for all involved. All aspects do have a purpose and this one's purpose is to make us address what's happening on a level of do we stay or do we leave. This will affect us most if we have planets in Taurus and Aquarius.
Happy Astral Travel

13th March 2021

A few hours ago the emotional side of this transit just went into overdrive. Our Moon adds feelings to the equation. See below - 11th March 2021 Transit. The Moon has joined the Sun, Neptune and Venus by also entering Pisces. The Moon will be in Pisces for just 2 1/2 days all up yet its role is significant. The Moon is all about nurturing, how we like to be nurtured, and how we actually nurture others. Here is the transit side of it.

Moon, Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces.
This weekend will be emotionally charged. Feelings will be high, emotions could get carried away and the situation not seen for what it truly is. Thanks to Neptune, the Moon conjunct, not to mention they are all in water sign Pisces.

On a different note our sixth sense and intuition is at an all time high. Dreams and memories of past relationships, loves lost, more importantly hints to the way we should move forward, will be dreamed up. Those late night texts or emails could start flying back and forth between exes too.

It's a cool time really, but one that can see us regret things if we dont think it through thoroughly. It's a feel good time where we feel love, see the beauty, and can smell the roses.

Stay focused and with a good frame of mind so the water signs and Venus this set of planets carry, do not drag you down by taking their negative side, which could happen. Leaving us questioning our self value, self worth, and asking if we are really good enough!! The negative side of this aspect which questions worthiness is putting doubt in our minds. Am I pretty enough or sexy enough, thin enough, do I make enough money and so on, can be exhausting.

Remember Folks this will affect us most if we have planets in Pisces. Take note of your dreams as intuition, as those subtle messages during our sleep are always worth taking into consideration. Stay positive, always stay positive to play these planets and hence your life well.
Happy astral travel Folks

11th March 2021

Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces
The effects of the Sun, Neptune and Venus will last a few days as these planets dance around in the water sign Pisces.

Energy is delightful, loving caring and time to have family friends perhaps consider ones you've not spoken to for a bit over for a heart warming meal.

The air is charged with positive loving energy as we dreamily float through the next few days. Insights, gut feelings, intuitions and psychic abilities are working in overdrive as well. Listen to that gut feeling, it's got innate wisdom.

This is a great time to start reading or studying about spiritual alternative topics like Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Numerology, Kinesiology or alternative forms of healing. This is a time when we are ready to challenge the unknown in a good way. Neptune will make us highly tuned to our surroundings.. sensitive to such a degree, when negative energy walks into our space we will know it instantly. Sage yourselves always folks, keep those yucky energies away.

I'll write about the history of sagging in the next few days and its importance. The other not so pleasant side of this transit, the negative side which can come from Neptune and Venus in Pisces if in aspect to other planets in our chart, is it can ignite doubt/judgment on ourselves. We may question our value and self worth. Once again this can result from a negative, sensitive outlook, so try and stay as positive as you can, then reap the benefits of that good Neptunian energy. Dreams are super strong - have you noticed?

I received a Natal Chart Reading from Tammy, and I must say, it definitely opened my eyes. She is very thorough and passionate. She answered all my questions, giving me clarity and understanding. I'm very grateful I found her, it was life changing. I will continue to see Tammy - she is wonderful!
Tova Deku

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