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In the skies our Sun is in Taurus from April 20th - May 20th.

Ahhhh "Food, Glorious Food"
Taureans are not only good looking, but they also love, love, love food. Upon asking my 16 year old Taurus grandson if he could travel where would he travel? He replied "anywhere where there is food!!!"

Yes they eat, smell, feel, see and get enjoyment out of all their senses. Ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Indulgence has it’s drawbacks though. The ability to dive head first into the enjoyment of eating and drinking tends to go to their waist. They need to exercise and try to make better choices or restrict themselves from over doing the wine and dine thing.

This along with other poor choices can lead to bowel disease and other stomach ailments in older age. Common Taurean ailments include; throat-thyroid gland issues, sore throats, colds and coughs, obesity, laryngitis and swollen lymph nodes. Taurus you need to avoid the carbs as they quickly turn into fat in your body. Stick to lean fish, seafood, drink plenty of fresh water and eat seasonal fruits and veggies.


A Natal Chart represents the position of planets at the time of birth. Most people know there are 12 signs in the zodiac. If you think of a pie chart divided into 12, the planets each sit within the space of one particular zodiac sign at one particular time. A Natal Chart shows this positioning at the time of our birth. Each planet is considered to rule a zodiac sign, this does not change. This relationship gives the zodiac sign some of it's natural characteristics. These relationships between the zodiac signs and planets, are what we discuss during a Natal Chart reading.
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The houses in an astrology chart help describe where in your life, the signs and planets are playing their roles. When your natal chart has one planet or more in either one of the houses, it gives the Astrologer more insight. This will all make more sense once you read what each house represents.

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