Tammy Safi, Astrologer in Sydney

Sydney astrology charts with Tammy Safi Mum would call out, once the Sunday paper had arrived.
I knew ...
I would quickly run to be by her side. She was going to read my star sign for the week.

That is how my love for astrology began.

Mum, a Cancerian, immigrated from Lebanon to marry dad in the early 50's. A gentle woman, very liberal and somewhat airy fairy for her times. Dad, the opposite, didn't stop her from practising what she felt was right.

Even back then she fed us compressed figs for our bowel motions, small sips of freshly squeezed cabbage juice to strengthen our hair (you should see my hair) and all sorts of alternative treatments to keep us healthy and strong. It worked too.

She would read my star signs, translate my dreams in the morning before I went to school ... that was mum.

Mum is still living today in her mid 80's and with advanced dementia, and still has that cheeky alternative spark in her eye.

I owe her my heroic journey into Astrology. Around six years ago I woke, with the strongest urge to find a place I could study Astrology seriously. I probably had Mars in my 3rd house conjunct Mercury, or something like that.

There was no stopping me and the same day I found the Sydney School Of Astrology, immediately paid, and booked the course.

It was what I was meant to be, alongside my naturopathic profession, and my love for the plants and herbal medicine. You can read more about my Naturopathic business in Greenacre, Sydney, here.

I received a Natal Chart Reading from Tammy, and I must say, it definitely opened my eyes. She is very thorough and passionate. She answered all my questions, giving me clarity and understanding. I'm very grateful I found her, it was life changing. I will continue to see Tammy - she is wonderful!
Tova Deku