Tammy Safi, Astrologer in Sydney

Astrology is about healing, about our journey on earth, the ups and downs, good and bad, and the happy and sad times in our lives.

We all have our quirks, and throughout our entire existence we seek to understand ourselves in one way or another. Asking and searching for "the who and the why"

We seek answers as to why we are challenged with certain reoccurring situations, familiar only to us and us alone. For example, "why do we keep meeting the same type of person, who may want to take advantage of us, or over-depend on us? Why do we keep getting in similar job situations where we are harassed, or not valued or appreciated?"

I have never had my Astrology Natal Chart written and explained to me before and I found Tammy very knowledgeable and thorough with her readings. It was definitely an eye opener and I will have a future forecast done by Tammy next. Thank you Tammy!
- Anne

Tammy takes her time to thoroughly analyse one's chart and explain it very well. Her readings gave me a good insight of my past and current situation and lessons for future. I definitely recommend her.
- Maneesha

Thinking about who we are and what are we here for, intrigues us, so we want to learn more. An Astrologer is a person who has our Natal Chart in the palm of their hands, and help us answer some of our deepest questions. Having your Natal Chart read involves giving the Astrologer your date, time and place of birth. With this information the Astrologer can then chart where each and every planet was positioned in the universe at the exact moment you were born. They then interpret the relationship between the 12 Signs, the Planets and the 12 Houses...

From an astrology reading you have the chance to understand the real you. No longer shying away from your true self. This is the time to be proud of who you are. Your astrology chart reading will tell you your potential path in life, where you came from and where you are going if you choose to make the most of what you now know. Keep in mind, in the very end, it is only you who can choose what will happen, only you can choose this or that path.

Our heroic journey through this lifetime is laid out in front of us. The Astrologer can tell you things which could be challenging. Yet we need to embrace it and work with it as we follow our road to true fulfillment, happiness and self love.

The Planets

A Natal Chart represents the position of planets at your time of birth. Most people know there are 12 signs in the zodiac. If you think of a pie chart divided into 12, each division is called a House. The planets then also sit within the space of one particular zodiac sign over the Houses. The planets move as they do. A Natal Chart shows this positioning at the time of our birth. Each planet is considered to "rule" a zodiac sign, and this does not change. This relationship gives the zodiac sign some of it's natural characteristics. These relationships between the zodiac signs and planets, are what we discuss during a Natal Chart reading.
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The Houses

The houses in an astrology chart help describe where in your life, the signs and planets are playing their roles. When your natal chart has one planet or more in either one of the houses, it gives the Astrologer more insight. This will all make more sense once you read what each house represents.
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The Signs

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