Tammy Safi, Astrologer in Sydney

When we have our astrology chart read, some things about our life journey can suddenly make sense. It helps us understand why we are the way we are. Chart readings can also help us improve our life by helping us see changes that are needed. Your true character is brought to the surface and it can be cathartic at times to meet yourself on this deeper level.

Astrology Chart Details

All Readings are 1 hour
Payments are in Australian Dollars and can be paid via PayPal or Credit Card (via PayPal) as below
Book your day and time separately before making your payment
Please contact me on 0418 245 449, or email to book an astrology reading.
Readings are available face to face or via Skype (Skype: Tammy Safi Rihaoui)
Please test your Skype mic and speakers prior to Skyping
Face to face readings are held at Greenacre Natural Therapies, Greenacre, Sydney
To record your Reading, please bring your own device, making sure the batteries are charged

Natal Birth Chart

Natal Chart - $190
A Natal Chart is your birth chart. A static illustration showing the heavenly position of each planet, and in which sign it was at the time of your birth. The Natal Chart can bring to light a past life, and your potential destiny. It shows the journey you are traveling in this life time.

Highly recommend Tammy. If your looking to have your charts read by an insightful, intuitive, and beautiful person then she is the one to see. You were so patient and your guidance has helped me to set my future goals.
- Wissam

Interesting experience and well presented. Everyone should do one of these at least once, and gain an insight as to what perhaps has been, and what perhaps may be.
- Theo

Tammy's chart readings are so revealing, fun and accessible. I loved the experience and opportunity to reflect - thank you!
- Jerico

I had my nodal chart done and attended a couple of Astrology and regression workshop days with Tammy and Carlos. Both insightful and helpful for the future, and my past. Met some great people too.
- TR

Having had my Astrology Natal Chart written up and explained scientifically twice, I feel my life decisions are in the right directions and in alignment perfectly with the Universal Environment we are all a product of!
Highly Recommended 5/5
- Anthony

Spot-on, insightful and intuitive. Tammy's reading gave me clarity on my current situation and how to move forth.
- Emily

I loved the astrology reading from Tammy, it was real and authentic and non-generic. Tammy went above and beyond to ensure that I understood my natal chart. I gained insight on aspects of myself that I need to work through and I feel like I've gained answers to questions that I’ve never been able to articulate in words.So thank you Tammy! Kind Regards,
- Joyce El-Haddad