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Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology Tammy Safi, Sydney Astrology
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Welcome to Astrology With Tammy. I am a Sydney based Astrologer and offer Birth Charts, Natal Charts and many other Astrological Readings via Skype and in person.

An Astrologer is a person who help us answer some of our deepest questions. Who are we? Why are we here? How can we be happy? Having your Natal Chart read, involves giving the Astrologer your date, time and place of birth. With this information the Astrologer can then chart where each and every planet was positioned in the universe at the exact moment you were born.

A little bit about Natal Charts
A Natal Chart represents the position of planets at the time of your birth. Most people know there are 12 signs in the zodiac. If you think of a pie chart divided into 12, the planets each sit within the space of one particular zodiac sign (a piece of the pie) at one particular time. An Astrology Natal Chart shows this positioning at the time of birth. Each planet is considered to ’rule’ a zodiac sign, and this does not change. This ruling relationship gives the zodiac sign some of it’s natural characteristics. These relationships between the zodiac signs and planets, are what we discuss during a Natal Chart reading.

You can read more about astrology here.

A little bit about Astrology Readings
All Readings are 1.5 hours minimum and can be recorded. Readings are available face to face or via Skype. Face to face readings are held at Greenacre Natural Therapies, Greenacre, Sydney. Please contact me on 0418 245 449, or email: to book an astrology reading.

Our 3rd Workshop! As a follow up to our last workshop on 'Regression', Tammy and Carlos will be holding a Workshop on the Art of Letting Go - to help us heal and move forward.
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When you asked if anyone was interest in "rebirthing" workshop I responded with a Yes instantly. I felt the Love, Peace and Harmony from the moment I stepped into your temple. I loved every minute of the day. I am happy to learn and explore even though I might not fully understand what it is.

I have a past life issue - I am ready to heal.
- AK - Sydney, 2018

I loved the astrology reading from Tammy, it was real and authentic and non-generic. Tammy went above and beyond to ensure that I understood my natal chart. I gained insight on aspects of myself that I need to work through and I feel like I've gained answers to questions that I’ve never been able to articulate in words.So thank you Tammy! Kind Regards,
- Joyce El-Haddad, 2018

I love Tammy’s astrology. I have had many insights with Tammy in regards to my chart as well as seeing other points of view being a fellow astrologer too. Tammy has an easy to understand way of expressing what is happening in the sky and how it affects me. Tammy’s warm,compassionate and friendly nature have always made me feel good about my readings and have supported me in moving forward in my life.
- Natasha, 2016

Tammy is a gifted astrologer who spends an inordinate amount of time on your charts to give you the most comprehensive information. I highly recommend her work.
Jenny Phare, 2017

Spot-on, insightful and intuitive. Tammy's reading gave me clarity on my current situation and how to move forth. Thank you! :)
- Emily Soh, 2017

A list of Astrology Readings available here.

In the skies our Sun is in Cancer from June 21st - July 22nd.

Motherly and nurturing. Cancerians make loving, gentle parents. They have a counselling-like streak to them and can sit and listen to you talk about your woes for hours, yet somehow never share their own. Not a good idea to hurt a Cancerian's feelings, they can bite back hard. These folk have good instincts and can be pretty psychic. Can tune into others feelings, genuinely caring and want to be of some assistance if only by listening.

Cancerians are motherly, they can be mamacitas to anyone who needs them. Listening, gently guiding and oh so protective of you. This being said a Cancerian will usually suffer from digestive issues. Their stomachs are sensitive and can cause a lot of grief, if they don't look after what they eat and how they feel.

So, so moody and swing easily from being the sweetest warmest person to OMG what happened! All these strong emotions affect their digestive system.

Cancer you need to dance, to ground yourselves and let go of those woes a little. Stop worrying so much, all will be ok. Regularly take Bach Flowers and a good probiotic with glutamine and slippery elm, avoid all dairy, and even alcohol can cause you some tummy upset. Look after you tummy and you will feel heaps better.

I recently had my natal chart done for my 40th birthday with Tammy. She uncovered knowledge of lessons that have been unique to my life journey and confirmation that I am on the right path in regards to relationships, family and career. I believe that getting a reading is a beneficial and insightful tool to self-awareness and self-development.
- Julie, 2017