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Aries - Fire - Cardinal - Ruled by Mars
March 21st - April 19th
Aries are those who are full of energy, seem tireless, very willful and quick to make decisions. These folks can also be extremely stubborn and opinionated. Usually enforcing their thoughts loudly and with gusto. Someone who definitely stands out, is direct and has a keen eye to see through most things. With Aries 'what you see is what you get'. The only challenge is keeping up with them - they go 100km/hr bouncing off the ceiling dragging you with them, if you're willing to go.
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Taurus - Earth - Fixed - Ruled by Venus
April 20th - May 20th
Taurus tends to be cautious and focused on their belongings. They make good friends as long a they are feeling secure and in a good head space. Reliable and difficult to budge at times as they need to be sure they are going to be okay. Security first, then relax. Can be hoarders as they tend to get fixated on things, and end up collecting possessions so as to display their achievements.
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Gemini - Air - Mutable - Ruled by Mercury
May 21st - June 20th
Funny quick and quirky. Can easily become anyone they want to, merging with the group or new friends. Always thinking and plotting their next move, as they are easily bored. Tend to think a lot. Geminis benefit from grounding themselves with plenty of exercise. Very chatty and communicative and can talk for the sake of talking. You usually can pick a Gemini quickly once you meet them. Never dull though. Can be cunning and superficial.
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Cancer - Water - Cardinal - Ruled by the Moon
June 21st - July 22nd
Motherly and nurturing. Cancerians make loving, gentle parents. They have a counselling like streak to them and can sit and listen to you talk about your woes for hours, yet somehow never share their own. Not a good idea to hurt a Cancerians feelings, they can bite back hard. These folk have good instincts and can be pretty psychic. Can tune into others feelings, genuinely caring and want to be of some assistance if only by listening.
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Leo - Fire - Fixed - Ruled by the Sun
July 23rd - August 22nd
Leos are like royalty. They like to be doted on and fussed over. They have an innate ability to shine (like the Sun) and show everyone their achievements. It is very important for them to be recognised and adored. They lap up all the attention like a sponge. They believe they know best and like to take control of the situation, handling themselves well with organisation and order in their lives. If they are lacking of compliments and attention for their efforts, they can become extremely unhappy.
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Virgo - Earth - Mutable - Ruled by Mercury
August 23rd - September 22nd
If you know a Virgo well, you know somebody who will get the job done and do it well. Virgos live for working and often work within the community. Hard working and health focused. Sometimes overdoing it as they can take on too much work. Virgos worry and need to be careful not to let the tension and worry they feel consume them. Exercise is good for this, especially grounding workouts like dancing and running. Virgos can be gym fanatics and tough on themselves more then anyone else.
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Libra - Air - Cardinal - Ruled by Venus
September 23rd - October 22nd
To keep a Libran happy create a calm balanced peaceful life for them. But as we all know true peace comes from within, not outside. However we can create a peaceful family life, for our little Librian children. It is important, as their character craves balances and harmony in their lives. They are the ones who seems so soft spoken and kind, yet can truly be a nervous wreck deep down inside. As children and as adults throughout their lives they have a deep inner tension. Tension which can be triggered by anyone in their lives who may be out of sorts. Disliking confrontation, they will manipulate situations or even lie to try and keep the peace. Beauty, love and harmony fills their heart with joy.
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Scorpio - Water - Fixed - Ruled by Pluto
October 23rd - November 21st
Powerful personalities with strong convictions. Change is difficult for them yet their counselling, caring nature makes them supportive friends. Scorpios are deep, they have the ability to drag all your secrets out, without disclosing any of their own. When a Scorpio is upset with, you will know it. They can hold onto their anger for a lifetime. Grudges go deep and are rarely resolved. They know what they want and will go out there and get it no matter what. It can be difficult to truly and deeply know a Scorpio.
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Sagittarius - Fire - Mutable - Ruled by Jupiter
November 22nd - December 21st
Sagittarians have a knack of knowing a little about everything. Their innate thirst for knowledge takes them far and wide. Reading about things, education, travel and cultural trips. Can have deep faith and beliefs. Their natural interest to know more can see them jumping from one project to another leaving precious projects unfinished. Impossible to argue with a Sagittarian, you will never win, they know best. They like to think they have a tertiary degree in all subjects.
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Capricorn - Earth - Cardinal - Ruled by Saturn
December 22nd - January 19th
Capricorns can be extremely dedicated and focused. Often this character can get them far in life. If only they believed in themselves more and were not so hard and critical. Capricorns as youngsters are often level headed and mature. Learning to lighten up a little in later life, can make a world of difference. Capricorns make good partners in business, bringing in their strong values and loyalty.
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Aquarius - Air - Fixed - Ruled by Uranus
January 20th - February 18th
You will fail if you come into an Aquarians life and try and change them. Most of their life is spent creating things exactly the way they want them. They work hard at creating their own peace and quiet, and are usually loners. Aquarians are also honest and caring (not as serious as their fellow Capricorn). Somewhat eccentric and won't conform to rules, they make their own. Authentic and carefree, what you see is what you get.
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Pisces - Water - Mutable - Ruled by Neptune
February 19th - March 20th
Last but not least of the signs, Pisceans have big hearts, are kind, and make good friends. Their symbol of two fish swimming against each other is their life struggle. It means within them they have two opposing opinions. Usually their downfall is yours as well as they may play the victim and it can be portrayed as your fault. Can have addictive characteristics due to those opposing voices within them. Water signs have a tendency to be a little wishy-washy. To thrive they need to let go of all ego, follow a mystical and spiritual life, taking advantage of their psychic abilities.
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A Natal Chart represents the position of planets at the time of birth. Most people know there are 12 signs in the zodiac. If you think of a pie chart divided into 12, the planets each sit within the space of one particular zodiac sign at one particular time. A Natal Chart shows this positioning at the time of our birth. Each planet is considered to rule a zodiac sign, this does not change. This relationship gives the zodiac sign some of it's natural characteristics. These relationships between the zodiac signs and planets, are what we discuss during a Natal Chart reading.

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The houses in an astrology chart help describe where in your life, the signs and planets are playing their roles. When your natal chart has one planet or more in either one of the houses, it gives the Astrologer more insight. This will all make more sense once you read what each house represents.

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