In the Jewish Old Testament Lilith is mentioned briefly in Jesaja 34, Verse 14-15 but her tracks reach far back into the past, at least 2,000 years BC.

In Jewish Mythology, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. After marrying Lilith, Adam tried to force her to lie below him in the missionary position, subjugating her sexually. She rejected his sexual dominance and aggression and fled from “paradise”.

Adam prayed to God to bring the rebel back to him, so God sent 3 angels to search for her and they found her at the Red Sea in the land of the demons. She refused to follow the angels back to Adam and spent her time making love to the demons, which was more fun, giving birth to a hundred demonic children each day. God punished Lilith for her disobedience and let all of her children die. To this genocide, Lilith reacted by killing children herself. Meanwhile God created Eve from Adam's rib to make sure he had a more servile companion at this side.
Lilith and Astrology
Lilith preferred the wild, free existence in the land of the demons to the illusory “paradise” with Adam. Important to note in this myth is Lilith's pain and revenge. Lilith had been punished just because she acted in a free and self-detemined way. In her pain and anger, she takes revenge on Adam, symboising all men. Symbolically she also took revenge on Eve, who represents the nice, servile women who betray their ideals of freeodm and equality by adapting themselves to male demands.

Lilith stands for a radical form of independence based on freedom and power, even though it may cause her punishment and exile. She represents the mysterious female power of history, shared amongst ancient matriachial goddesses. She represents the witches and the magic women and the wise crones of the Middle Ages, who had been ostracised or killed.

Lilith, as a witch was burned at the stake, sometimes stoned, ritually circumcised and covered up in the burka.

Lilith in Astronomy

Black Moon Lilith is a sensitive point which can be calculated from the moon's orbit around the earth. Within the lunar orbit the earth sits at one focus, and the other is empty. The moon seems to stretch around it as if it is invisible. This second focus is a sensitive focus because it is clearly related to the position of the earth and the moon.

Lilith in Astrology

Black Moon Lilith represents one part of the female trinity. The unspoiled part of the primal female power. The other two are Eve and Mary.

She reflects the part of womanhood man cannot tame. So must suppress and demonise. The separation of the woman into the "holy" and the "whore" is still common today and Lilith plays the part of the whore, the part which men and society desire and need, but also fear and repress.

The Lilith cycle takes 9 years to cross all signs and stays in each for around 9 months. In Astrology, because she is hidden in the shadow of the moon, within the lunar orbit. It opposes the natural nurturing instinct that is created by the Earth/Moon relationship. It represents something elusive and anti-nurturing. "The night side of the female". A combination of the magic power of the dark goddess, basic female instinct and the endeavour for freedom, power and equality.

Lilith requires a process of initiation. A rite of passage through the shadows and into the light, by clearing out the old to make room for the new.

Lilith Asks

  • For connection with our feminine, Yin energy. Awareness of our instincts, utilising our female power to pursue freedom on all levels
  • Pushing our boundaries taking us way outside our comfort zones, to free us from all oppression and repression
  • For men, to be open to their deepest feelings and facing their fears around showing emotions and connecting to their feminine energy
  • For women, to harness their power in such a way that they are completely authentic, and able to express and live their own lives, despite whatever outside forces try to dictate

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